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Re-activate Your 54 Senses and Become Fully Present and Engaged in Life

-For people who want to reach their full potential at work and at play

Discover how your 54 senses can help you to:

  • Reduce stress, anger, fear and frustration
  • Cultivate productivity, creativity and innovation in all areas of your life
  • Learn to enjoy each and every moment of your life as it unfolds

In this value-packed session you’ll learn:

  • The one thing that stops you from experiencing the power of your 54 senses
  • The 3 senses that act as a warning signal that you are disconnected from your inner nature
  • How you can harness the power of Nature to help you tap into your 54 senses
  • Action steps to re-active and re-balance your 54 senses today

The myth of our five senses is so persuasive within our society that the origins of this story cannot even be identified.  Yet this myth has caused us to experience the world in a limited way, shutting down our capacity to focus on what is happening in the present and pushing us us to live in a world of past and future.

When you re-activate and re-balance your 54 senses you access a multi-sensory state of flow that enables you to easily tap into the power of Nature both within and without.

If you are committed to reaching your full potential at work and at play, your 54 senses are key to achieving the level of success you dream of.


“When Tabitha participated as a speaker in my November 2014 Telesummit, Healing Earth, Healing Self, our interview was outstanding because of the passion, eloquence, sense of joy, and practical suggestions she offered to my audience.

I heard a number of positive comments from audience members who easily connected to Tabi and the clarity and depth of her message. As the creator and host of the event, I was delighted that Tabi is so easy to work with: she submitted items I needed on time and kept her commitments to share information about the event. I would eagerly invite Tabi to any of my events again.

She merges a deep gift for nature communication with articulate language about why it matters, a sense of humor, compassion for people and the natural world, and impressive ways of handling the practicalities of sharing her message. I consider Tabitha a leader in the opening field of re-connecting people to the natural world, and I highly recommend her as a speaker and teacher.”

Chara Armon, PhD. Mutual Flourishing for Self and Earth



“Last year Tabitha was on my High On Life Telesummit which wafocused on helping those with addictions.  I was delighted that she was so easy to get on board with my way of thinking and connected to her very quickly because of her warm nature.

Her strong passion for helping people and enthusiasm was so encouraging She was very proactive in supporting myself and the event in terms of promotion and was also reliable.   She is so connected to her purpose that her message was very clear and she spoke directly to my audience’s needs in a concise and interesting way.  Tabitha’s approach to helping others is so unique that she would add a real twist to any relevant speaking event.”

-Lucy Bainbridge



Step into Your Natural Power and Be the Change You Want to Make in the World with Nature’s Support

-For people who are ready to make a real difference in their lives, career, community and the world

Discover how to use Nature to:

  • Let go of the limiting beliefs that block growth and change
  • Release the stress that comes from change
  • Create lasting and sustainable growth that’s in full alignment with yourself and your values

In this value-packed session you’ll learn:

  • The biggest challenge you have that stops you from stepping into your natural power
  • What The Nature Process® is and how to make it work for you
  • The secret to getting outside and becoming fully present in nature
  • The truth about your senses (hint: we actually have 54!)
  • How to go deeper and master The Nature Process® for yourself


The impact of war, poverty, social inequality, corporate exploitation, climate change and unfair economic policy is creating a wave of awareness within us all.  Things have to change if we are not just to survive, but thrive as a species.

This talk will reveal the truth that will fundamentally change your life.  When we consciously connect to Nature we plug ourselves into the most powerful source of energy known to humanity.  This is the missing link in your calling to help create a world that works for everyone.


“Tabitha’s presentation was well-organized and contained very valuable information for the audience. Tabitha’s message resonated with the listeners, and her passion and dedication for her work was clearly reflected in her helpful and useful content.

ChelseHanson, Grief Educator


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