How to think differently about nature

How to Think Differently about Nature

What do you really think about Nature? How much time do you spend in relationship with Nature? In order to harness the power of nature to create a stress-free life and business you first need to develop a real relationship with it. Even if you think you’re already connected to Nature, I know you could go deeper. Read on and explore how to think differently about Nature […]


how to feedforward creates effortless growth

How Feedforward creates effortless growth

We’re all familiar with feedback. It offers us an opportunity to reflect and learn from what we’ve done in the past. Yet there’s an easier way for us to learn and grow. One that allows us to learn from the future instead of the past.   Review of The Nature Process LIVE The second year of The Nature Process LIVE online is just finishing. The participants […]



Do you ever doubt yourself?

The last few months I’ve wondered what the heck I’m doing. 2015 started with the intention to re-launch the Tree of Transformation coaching program in February. Instead I’ve spent the first part of this year focused on dealing with childhood trauma and giving all my energy to just maintain my business. For a while I didn’t even know what I was going to do with The […]


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What does luxury mean to you?

My grandparents met at the end of World War Two when my granddad was in Germany as part of the peace keeping corps. One day when he was standing in the street two beautiful German ladies walked past.  My granddad immediately fell for my granny, telling his friends that she was his. He approached her, casually dressed in a blazer and running shoes, and spoke badly […]



Develop your own Earth Self

Majestic heather-covered hills with the gorse in full bloom. A stunning combination of green, yellow and brown fields marked by towering trees as far as the eye can see. Cows out to pasture while the sheep nurture their lambs. Welcome to Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The land where I first fell in love with nature. I was up here last weekend visiting an old friend of mine who […]


The Nature Process eBook

Get paid to share The Nature Process

Rewind one year.  I had no idea what Nature had in store for me and my business. All I knew was that following the traditional expert advice wasn’t getting me anywhere I wanted to go. I’m not interested in building a lifestyle business.  I’ve been living my own Tabi lifestyle for years. I’m not interested in just making six figures.  Nature’s abundance ensures that I manage to […]