Earth Self

How I’ve Not Put The Planet First

Over the last few months I’ve known something was wrong. I didn’t want to admit it. I tried to hide it from myself and others. The work I’ve being doing doesn’t inspire and excite me. I thought this was because of all the childhood trauma I’d been working through this year. In truth it’s because what I thought I believed is no longer true. I can’t […]


How Nature Became Hierarchal

How Nature Became Hierarchical

Nature and humans as equals. This is the future. We can no longer look down upon Nature as a resource to dominate and exploit. Nor can we place Nature on a pedestal and worship it. If we humans are to continue living in the Earth we need to create a third way and step into relationship with the Earth. But how did we come to view […]



How Does Gravity Affect You?

Gravity is the force that attracts something towards the centre of the earth or towards any other physical body that has mass. It affects us every single moment of our lives from the day we’re born.   I love lying on the earth at night looking up into the starry sky. It’s something that I’ve done since I was a teenager. The way the clouds dance […]


can i be really honest

Can I Be Really Honest?

There’s so much stuff out there about “being yourself” and “being authentic” that it actually makes me want to vomit. I have no idea what “being yourself” or “being authentic” actually is. What I’ve found is that people encourage you to “be yourself” and “be authentic” until you actually are. Then they don’t really like it. It’s a paradox of the personal development field. The Fear […]


raise consciousness

How you Can Do Your Part to Raise the Levels of Consciousness on the Planet

There is a wave of consciousness sweeping over the planet right now. How do we ride this wave of consciousness without becoming lost in the stress and fear it brings? Individually we are becoming more and more aware of our thoughts and feelings and how they shape our reality. Collectively we are becoming aware that the common held beliefs and assumptions are not necessarily the best […]