effective communication

How to Engage in Effective Communication

There can be a moment in communication when you feel your heart pounding. You know you have to speak up but it’s uncomfortable. You worry what others are going to say and what they’ll think. What if there was a way to be ok every time you spoke? The last few months I’ve been grumpy.  Like really grumpy. This took me by surprise.


Sense of movement

Do you like to move it?

Your sense of motion includes sensations you experience as you move your body along with your sense of mobility. It’s one of my favorite 54 senses and right it’s fully engage within you whether you’re aware of it or not. You used this sense to click onto this article. In fact you’ve been using constantly since you woke up this morning. What I love most about […]


How balance is the secret of a successful leader

How Balance is the Secret of a Successful Leader

With the emergence of global shifts in consciousness we need new leaders. If you’re reading this the odds are that you’re one of them. Leadership models of the past were fundamentally unbalanced. We see this in the scandals that have enveloped so many of our leaders from the past and present. When you create balance within yourself, you create balance within your life and your business. […]


How to think differently about nature

How to Think Differently about Nature

What do you really think about Nature? How much time do you spend in relationship with Nature? In order to harness the power of nature to create a stress-free life and business you first need to develop a real relationship with it. Even if you think you’re already connected to Nature, I know you could go deeper. Read on and explore how to think differently about Nature […]


how to feedforward creates effortless growth

How Feedforward creates effortless growth

We’re all familiar with feedback. It offers us an opportunity to reflect and learn from what we’ve done in the past. Yet there’s an easier way for us to learn and grow. One that allows us to learn from the future instead of the past.   Review of The Nature Process LIVE The second year of The Nature Process LIVE online is just finishing. The participants […]



Do you ever doubt yourself?

The last few months I’ve wondered what the heck I’m doing. 2015 started with the intention to re-launch the Tree of Transformation coaching program in February. Instead I’ve spent the first part of this year focused on dealing with childhood trauma and giving all my energy to just maintain my business. For a while I didn’t even know what I was going to do with The […]