Are you ready to do what you’ve never done before?

In just under two weeks the Scottish people are taking part in a referendum to decide whether Scotland remains part of Great Britain or if it becomes an independent country. This is something that’s close to my heart because just in case you haven’t figured out from my accent, red hair, blue eyes, pale skin and freckles…I’m Scottish But what’s the Scottish Referendum got to do […]



Will you join us?

I’m super excited to let you know that my fantastic friend Melody Fletcher (yup, that’s her in the picture) from is going to be interviewing me live on Tuesday, August 19th 2014. We’re going to be chatting about how a conscious connection to nature can act as rocket fuel for your own personal and professional growth. Also we’ll be looking at how you can create […]



Stop Saving the Planet. It Doesn’t Need Protection!

I’ve had the idea for this video in my mind for quite a while.  Yet I’ve postponed  doing it for a few months now.  The thought of doing it made me slightly uncomfortable. I’m aware some people might find the ideas present here controversial. At the same time I’ve had many conversations with people over the last couple of months.  Whenever I share the ideas presented […]



What is the Natural Revolution? And why you need to be part of it

It was the end of The first Nature Process™ this week. But really it’s only the beginning. I’ve undergone huge internal transformations on this journey, one that’s reconnected me even more to the Nature within. That means things are going to change around here. What you can expect in the coming months: No more “regular” content. While I’ll still post consistently I’m only going to post something […]


high on life

Alcohol is the excrement of a microbe. Yum.

It must have been a good night… If you can’t remember what happened! This is a very common saying in Scotland, at least where I’m from. The idea that in order to enjoy yourself you need to drink yourself into oblivion frustrates me. While I enjoy a drink now and again, I don’t NEED it to enjoy life. But alcohol is not really the problem. Alcohol […]



The power of nature

Back in December 2013, Nature challenged me to bring it fully into my business as a mentor and guide. It promised incredible results and a ground-breaking new business model that firmly puts planet first, not profit. The only catch was I’d have to trust like I’d never trusted before, get out of my own way and step into the awesomeness of who I’m born to be. […]