Nature Consciousness: A radical new paradigm

When I created The Nature Process, I knew that it was just the beginning of something more. I also knew that I needed to present The Nature Process to the world first before going deeper. After all, The Nature Process is key to developing Nature Consciousness. This is the topic of the book I’ll be co-writing with the first Nature Process Facilitator, Sami Aaron, later on […]



3 gifts about Nature from my asthma

I was diagnosed with Asthma (along with eczema and allergies to everything) when I was 18 months.  I spent my childhood in and out of hospital. In one hospital they had a children’s park just outside the ward with a big, blue, pram-like swing.  All the other children got to go outside and play in it but with it being winter and my lungs being so […]



Have you written December off?

I was working with a coaching client last week and we were talking about the goals that she wants to achieve within the next two months. As we explored what she wanted to achieve she came to the realization that she’d actually written December off as a month in which she couldn’t achieve anything because of Christmas. Can you relate? Yet as we explored her goals […]


not about money

It’s not about the money…

The idea for this video has been floating around in my brain for the past few months.  When I received a question a few weeks ago about how you use nature to help you bring the money you need into your life I knew it was time to create this video. Especially as over the last couple of weeks I’ve done a deep dive into money thanks to […]



Plant Consciousness: Insights from the conference

As I was finishing writing my latest book, The Nature Process, I needed to check something on plant consciousness.  I quickly typed in plant consciousness into Google and up popped a conference in London in two weeks with the same title. I knew I had to go and immediately signed up, especially as there was a workshop with John Perkins, co-founder of The Pachamama Alliance, on […]



Introduction: The Nature Process (forthcoming book)

Our world faces a crisis as yet unperceived by those possessing power to make great decisions for good or evil. -Albert Einstein   There’s something wrong with the world we live in. You’ve felt it your entire life. At first you didn’t know exactly what it was. You couldn’t explain it. Yet no matter what’s happened in your life it’s been there, like a splinter in […]