Hola!  I’m Tabi :)

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Business Growth Consultant

Teaching professionals and organizations how to eliminate stress and cultivate productivity, creativity and innovation with Nature’s support so that they can experience increased levels of vitality, work more effectively and maximize profits.

Nature geek

Synthesizing technology with Nature.

Master in Applied Ecopsychology

The study of how a connection to nature promotes personal, social and environmental well-being.

Certified Professional Coach

Coaching creates change.


My top strength in strengthsfinder 2.0!


Winning for me. Winning for you. Winning for Nature.


The Nature Process: How to easily and effortlessly step into your natural power and be the change you want to make in the world & Thriving Loss: Move beyond grief to a place of peace, passion and purpose.


The Nature Process®, Tree of Transformation® & 54 Days. 54 Senses.™


The Xtraordinary Lady’s Star Award 2014

For my story see below.

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Think differently about Nature
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Why I do what I do…


Severe ill health.  Bullying.  Domestic violence.  Rape.  My childhood was traumatic – apart from books, nature and magic.  Drugs and alcohol were my way of masking the pain right up until my younger brother’s sudden death in a car accident when I was 22.

The next five years were spent trying to turn the worst thing that ever happened to me into the best.  I devoted my time and energy to healing, growing, work, university and the charity I was inspired to found to help young adults affected by bereavement.  Yet instead of truly healing I ended up tired, stressed and burnt out.

My brother’s nickname (Pedro) inspired me to move to Spain.  The nature there was amazing:  vivid, green and so alive.  One day at a woman’s retreat, this Old Oak Tree told me to climb out to the edge of its branches to remove some trapped plastic, then slide down the branch to the earth. I thought I was freaking mad as I did this.

Yet as I perched on a swaying branch hidden high amongst the leaves, I felt at peace and fully connected to my brother. I remembered when we’d scattered his ashes in the woodland area he’d requested. We’d gone back a few days later to find bright red flowers carpeting the earth where his ashes had been.

It hit me.  Nature and my brother are one.  Peter is everywhere.  I haven’t lost my brother.  He is still here.  Like magic, with a click of my fingers, the pain melted away to be replaced by the most immense feeling of love and connection that remains with me to this day.

That’s the power of Nature.

Think differently about Nature
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B1G1 is my lifetime partner in positive impact.

This makes it easy and effortless for me to give.  Giving back is an essential part of my mission and integrated into everything I do.  I’m here to show others that there’s a better way of doing business.  A way that puts planet first.  Not profit.

Be the change.

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Think differently about Nature
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