Why Tabi and her team do what we do…


The businesses that will thrive in ten years time will be planet led.

Every product, process, policy and practice puts the Planet First.

This is not only our vision. This is being demanded by consumers who want businesses to stop paying lip service to real change and step up as leaders of a new way where profit and planet co-exist.

That’s what Tabi did when she developed The Nature Process: Discover the power and potential of your natural self after five years of research and development into how to synthesize coaching, ecopsychology (the benefits of a human-nature relationship) and biomimicry (how nature can provide solutions to human challenges).

100% of the proceeds from The Nature Process went to TreeSisters, a non-profit organization that supports emerging feminine leadership and reforestation of the planet.

Tabi chose TreeSisters based upon detailed research to find the most suitable organization that could offer the greatest impact.

The first program in May 2014 had 77 participants from 12 countries around the world and raised nearly £6,000.

The_Nature_Process_KindleNext came the best-selling book, The Nature Process: How to easily and effortlessly step into your natural power and be the change you want to make in the world.

Shortly after that Tabi trained the first person to facilitate The Nature Process.  Now there are regular retreats and workshops run in the U.S.

Tabi runs a certification program for hand-picked Nature Process facilitators while she develops The Nature Process to become the leading edge personal development program with Nature.

In May 2015, The Nature Process LIVE returned.  This time 107 people from around the world raised almost £9000.

2140 trees will be planted via TreeSisters partnership with Project Greenhands.  This project helps combat the effects of climate change in some of the most poverty-striken areas in India that were devasted after the 2004 tsunami.

Through this TreeSisters ended up re-evaulating their own business model…

“Tabitha’s commitment to putting the planet’s wellbeing above profit isn’t just a jazzy slogan.

Ms. Jayne lives what she promotes and her ‘planet first’ business model inspired us to evaluate more deeply how – even as an ecologically focused non-profit charity – we could put the planet first within our emerging business strategy.

For the past two years Tabitha donated 100% of the profits from her on-line course, The Nature Process, to TreeSisters.

Her on-line course was so successful that we realized we could shift from being a non-profit charity asking for donations to offering on-line courses that fund our organization and reforestation efforts.

Our business model has shifted from asking to earning.

Tabitha’s ‘planet first’ business model also inspired us to reassess the business motivations behind the instructors we hire.

Through Tabitha’s example we realized we wanted to partner with instructors who view their TreeSisters courses as a means of actively helping to reforest the Tropics rather than simply being another marketing venue for their teaching career.

Along these lines we created a new fees for services model in which all of our instructors agree that 20% of the gross profit of our courses goes directly to reforestation before any other distribution occurs.

We also began creating mini-courses and mini-tree campaigns that would enable us to direct 100% of that income directly to reforestation.

Reimaging these key business areas enabled us to increase our reforestation funding by 300% in one year.”

Edveeje Fairchild

Director of Operations, TreeSisters

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How Tabi does what she does…

Tabi blends her life experience and qualifications into one to create a unique approach that supports business owners and organizations like you to harness the power of nature in business and life.


  • Bsc (Hons) Psychology with Queen Margaret University
  • Certified Professional Coach with International Coach Academy
  • IACTM Accredited Coach
  • Masters in Applied Ecopsychology with Akamai University
  • Masters (due for completion 2017) in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology with International Transpersonal Association Professional and Middlesex University
  • 6000+ hours of small group training and facilitation
  • Author of the best-selling book The Nature Process: How to easily and effortlessly step into your natural power and be the change you want to make in the world and two others.
  • Creator: The Nature Process®, Tree of Transformation® & 54 Days. 54 Senses.™

B1G1 is her lifetime partner in positive impact.

This makes it easy and effortless for Tabi to give.  Giving back is an essential part of her mission and integrated into everything she does.  Tabi is here to help show others that there’s a better way of doing business.  A way that works in harmony with Nature instead of against it.

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